Seajas Search

So you want up-to-date results of continuously updated internet and intranet information, blazing fast parallel indexing, unparalleled anonimity controls, all wrapped into a user friendly and easily maintainable package?

We at Seajas believe that software should be open. That's why Seajas Search is now available as open-source software, under a share-alike GPLv3 license. Want to keep your changes and
additions to yourself? Commercial licenses
are available as well.

Information Control

Manage your internal and external information sources and keep control over your information. Seajas Search brings together all of your data in one easy to use platform, be it locally within your data-center or high up in the cloud.


Integrate our components seamlessly with your existing information systems, monitoring and maintenance infrastructure, and user authentication back-end for the best fit to your existing IT infrastructure. No need to do it all over again.


Seajas offers innovative ways to help you quickly organize, categorize, and keep only the information that you need. Advanced language analysis, geo-location, and automatic translation ensure that you get everything out of your content.

Keep Track

Receive direct updates via e-mail, SMS and RSS as they appear online or within your own content. Sub-minute acquisition guarantees crisis-communication level response times, and enables you to respond rapidly to information as it appears.