One. Passionate. Team.

Seajas is a humble start-up with interesting beginnings. Our experience stems from a background at large companies, governments and organizations in sectors ranging from national and international defense systems to financial systems that power the world's economies. Together with our partners, we form one amazing family. We think that with hard work and passion, we can help make the world a better and more interesting place.

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Management Team


Jasper van Veghel



Flexility to the rescue.


With my career firmly rooted in open-source software I've positioned myself as a professional in the areas of enterprise software architecture and development; and content + search solutions in particular. With this diverse background in business information infrastructures and software development I have gained extensive experience in environments with ever changing trends, expectations and projects. A key personal asset is my ability to adapt to these both technical and social environments, and use said environments to my advantage. With a personal interest in usability in conjunction with web interfaces, I enjoy working with software in a social context.


When he's not working, Jasper also gets his heart pumping from driving around on his red hot Ducati motorcycle, doing sports to excess, and spending any remaining time renovating his house.

Our partners


iRN / iColumbo

e-Government Internet Inspection and Monitoring


S[&]T Norway

International Military Defense, Emerging Energy Markets


Content Strategy

e-Government, International Development