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We're a small company with large clients. Are you ambitious and looking for a place where your knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit can thrive? You've come to the right place. Just hit us up if you're excited—but here's the skinny.

What we're looking for

We're looking for something who's driven, motivated, and believes that software is more than just a sum of modules and code. Software that makes a difference, software that is open, software that you can relate to. That's software that we want to build.

Have a love for user interfaces? For statistics? For visualizations?

Have a love for language technology? Classification, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, totally your thing?

And can you deliver—can you build stuff? Then definitely write us.

Have a love for code? We need you too. Our software is open-source, and some of the technologies that you'll need to be familiar with are:

Java — And plenty of fancy enterprise-technologies. But: we keep it all light and fluffy with Spring
JavaScript — Client- and server-side JavaScript powers everything from rich-client web applications to website modifier scripts.
Apache Lucene/Solr — We really appreciate your ability to understand and thrive with Lucene and Solr. Our software is built on top of state-of-the-art Lucene features, and we constantly keep up with the latest developments.
GNU/Linux — We're a Windows-free shop. Period. Understand shell scripting and advanced networking? Of course you do.

That's it; that's what we need. If you fit one of these profiles, just send us a message and we'll talk!

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